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Q:  Since your are the career engineer, are you aware of where one could find scholarships and grants for graduates?Given there are many bogus sites out there. (College Professional, Virginia) 

A:  Congrats on returning to college!  What I can tell you is that Thanksgiving thru March is the “I need  Money for college” hunger games.  Your best bet “in order to NOT get hustled”  is to look at the schools you are attending (financial aide office) and the individual departments (ie. School of Business, School or Nursing etc.)

Remember your financial aid officer should become “your new best friend” as your FAF application, school status and other factors  can have a large impact  on the funds you are eligible to receive (FREE money or PAY IT BACK Money.  Of course excellence in academics plays a big roll, so make sure that 3.0 or higher is the name of the game.  It also depends on who wants the money; the high school graduate or soon to be a high school graduate  market is plentiful.  When you are over 21, 25, 35…it becomes a little harder to find those dollars earmarked for the adult learner.

Fellowships for graduate schools are  normally handled via the university or again directly by the department.  Don’t lose hope or stamina, here are some creditable Twitter accounts to follow who specialize in scholarships.


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    Thanks will follow these accounts for my son.

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