Building Faith Broadcast with Tonnie & Francina

Welcome to “Building Faith with Tonnie & Francina:  REAL Talk, REAL Faith, No Filters!”  So this was our inaugural broadcast was  LIVE on my Facebook Profile on  Saturday, January 20th on You know me, “Implement NOW, Perfect Later”…and Tonnie said, “Let’s Do It!” What better time than the US Government Shutdown!  By the Way, this photo of us was my FIRST photo taking shortly about 6 weeks after my last treatment at an event we attended. (Photo Credit: Electric Eye Photography, Video, and Photo Booth Services)

So catch us NEXT Saturday at 7 PM est  (NEW TIME)  next LIVE PUBLIC BROADCAST  on my Facebook Profile:


2nd EPISODE, SAT, JAN 20TH:   FaithPoint Topic:  “Anxiety vs. Awesome…Where’s YOUR Faith?”



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