TCE and NBC’s Chicago Fire, The Writers are Turning Me On!

TCE Sharing a REAL Moment:   ( I Finally got Followed by @nbcChicagoFire, Heck Yeah!)  If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I have an INSANE addiction to the hit show, NBC’s   Chicago Fire!  I tweet like there is no tomorrow and enjoy engaging with talent, show creators, producers and our incredible fans.  Yes, of course looking at Taylor Kinney (Severide), Chief Boden (Eamonn Walker)  or Casey (Jessy Spencer)...for 60 minutes helps me have a great Wednesday.  Trust me they are GREAT for my eyes (oh my), but I am soooo attracted to the incredible writing and suspense that captures me on this show!  Yes, the Writers are Turning Me On!  

How exciting it is, that the great skills of the written word, wonderful story telling, full throttle imagination…and more…has made a comeback.  Not to mention all the jobs that are created by having a successful show (not just the “front of the house” talent) but the 100’s of professionals  behind the scene that make it happen. You know being Your Career Engineer, I love the jobs/career results.   I salute Derek Haas, (Co-creator and more) for helping me to LOVE, ENJOY and look forward to scripted television…again.  The best part, not only did I get a RT from the show…but ahh…NBC ChicagoFire  followed me…WOW!


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