You’re FIRED, The Power of the “We The People” Vote

The Career EngineerFirst let me say a big “PushUp & Thank you for voting” on yesterday as WE THE PEOPLE across this great county shared our voice with our vote.  Boy did our vote matter as there are many elected officials who are licking their wounds and have just LOST their jobs. But was this due to a record voter turnout or a lack luster voter engagement which has now changed things in our districts?  As I watched the election coverage, reports were coming in that in some precincts you could hear a pen drop because of the No Shows (people who failed to come out and vote).    The most troubling thing about this is that the mid-term, state and local elections are the most important because they have the most policy power  in our lives.  I wonder, will my Nov 4th NO SHOWS stand in line on Black Friday to cast their votes on shopping deals?   Just something to make you go….hum!

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As you can see NO SHOWs  not only matter in the Career or Biz Space…but they are also important in our Life Space. If you DIDN’T VOTE, please keep your complaints/comments to yourself over the next few years.   To my WE THE PEOPLE  voters let’s make a plan to evaluate our HIRES during their terms so we can decide when their contract is up to either REHIRE or FIRE via the vote.   To our  elected officials, if you want to STAY HIRED,  as a member of “WE THE PEOPLE”  I ask that you do the following…

  • I ask that my newly or rehired elected officials know and represent your citizens.  I know it sounds simple but it’s not getting done!
  • I demand that my newly or rehired elected officials put the Party agenda on the shelf, take ownership, find REAL solutions & stop attacking the other Party.
  • I expect that my newly or rehired elected officials will Focus 100% on finding ways where the “United States of America” (Key word UNITED).. can be a stable, sustainable, strong and secure nation
  • Bonus Point:  Your Supervisors (WE THE PEOPLE) will be  WATCHING YOU NOW AND FOREVER MORE!

So,there it is…and I expect the above three (3) items to be deliverables from the very poor of us to the most prosperous of us.  To our MID-TERM HIRES, don’t take your job for granted or those impressive fringe benefits (like the best healthcare coverage in the USA), salaries for working and NOT WORKING, free lunches/dinners and perks… (all paid for by your supervisors “WE THE PEOPLE”.)  Lastly,  The Career Engineer  is a proud member of “WE THE PEOPLE”, I expect my elected officials to work smart, work hard and to get the job done. and most important…don’t screw up…because  “WE THE PEOPLE “ are counting on you!




    By Jennifer Hyman, November 6, 2014 @ 11:51 am

    Great article Francina. The POWER of WE THE PEOPLE was heard around the world. Many are left shaking their heads and wondering how DID this happen.
    IMO, this happened not just because of those that DIDN’T show up but also because of those that DID show up. Those who were most upset with our President voted on emotion…THEIR feelings. It’s like an article I saw this morning about people thinking they have haters when what they really have are people telling them a truth they are not ready/willing to accept. They wanted change but didn’t want to be the one to suffer through it. They wanted things to get better but didn’t want to be the one to pay for it.
    CHANGE requires sacrifice. Michelangelo could not have found David unless he sacrificed the rock that covered him up. Everyone marvels at David NOW but no one stops to think about how much blood, sweat, sleepless nights, sacrificed family time and everything else Michelangelo had to give up to find him. It took over 2 years for him to uncover just the top half of David. If you read the history of David, you will find that it sat for 25 years unfinished because they couldn’t find anyone to take on such a large task. They had a few that tried but caved under the pressure to do what needed to be done and quit/were fired. President Obama is our present-day Michelangelo. He, like Michelangelo, volunteered for this position and WE THE PEOPLE awarded him the contract. When he was just chipping away at the problem, we were OK but when he started hitting it with the hammer of THOR, we didn’t like it. The Pain, The Pain. Too much pain. So, WE THE PEOPLE took away the hammer and gave him a chisel. But guess what, the cracks have already been made. And at this point, the tool doesn’t matter. CHANGE is here and there is no going back. Change doesn’t happen without pain and sacrifice and WE THE PEOPLE have only prolonged the suffering.
    Yes, mid-terms are the most important elections we’ll ever have. And yes, if those new Hires and those RE-Hires don’t recognize and grow a backbone, to tell “THEIR” WE THE PEOPLE the truth, the suffering will last even longer. IMHO

  • By Francina Harrison, The Career Engineer, November 6, 2014 @ 12:00 pm

    Awesome response well said Ms. Jennifer Hyman! Preach on that Lady! Loved the phrase “…the cracks have already been made!” WE THE PEOPLE are a powerful punch and we need to ensure that we interview and evaluate these potential Hires! I love your response and thanks for commenting and your support!!!!!

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