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Francina R. Harrison, MSW
The Career Engineer
P.O. Box 64923
Virginia Beach, VA 23467 - 4923


757-745-4823 (4TCE)

Don’t Get Anxious – Get Prepared is more than our motto…

If you are SERIOUS about learning how you can increase your impact and potential to LAND that dream job, book a virtual/telephonic consultation with the Career Engineer right now by hitting our BOOK NOW button below.

We offer a 15 minute complimentary career review (please send your resume prior to the review) at  and complimentary small business “impact and increase” reviews.  We offer lots of content on our IG, Twitter  and Facebook pages and to our Nyanzaa News subscribers…feel free to follow, engage and share us. Thank you for visiting our website and look forward to building a TCE REALationship with you.



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