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Gave Me Hope

This is a tough time for me right now, and just in that brief 15 minutes, I had a renewed sense of hope and would recommend that anyone getting out into the workplace give this a try. Thank you Francina

Stacey J., Indiana

TCE Rocks!

I had a great session with Ms. Francina, she calmed my fears of facing unemployment and helped me focus on getting started on a new path. I'm looking forward to working with TCE!

Leigh E, Virginia

TCE made me money!

A TCE tip from Francina Harrison increased subscription rates to my site by 50%! Wow. I am so glad that I was able to attend the event, network and get advice that is still paying off today. Time well spent.

Jim Stroud, Atlanta

TCE got me a JOB!

Hello Francina! I hope all is well. I'm doing much better am actually up for a promotion for a Director job in my district. Your coaching contributed greatly. Please feel free to use me in any of your testimonials etc!

Erica M, New Orleans

TCE Social Media Platform

Our organic Social media platform has us in the Top 15 of Twitter users in our geographic area and ranked 125,065th* in the world by followers. Not bad, considering that there are over 300 million Twitter users. Our LinkedIn status has us as a member of the 500+ "authentic" connections level and our brand has received over 50 recommendations from established business owners and C-level executives around the world. Our organic Facebook & Instagram brand is recognized internationally with an engagement rate with over 5000 loyal connectors. TCE has been branded as the Queen of Networking offline and online by our clients, media and others. *(Source August 25, 2017)

TCE “Increase My Impact” Coaching

TCE provides “Hi-tech/High-Touch” strategies for entrepreneurs, public sector and non-profits, which increases revenue or market share by delivering “Education, Engagement & Exposure!” Below are a few ways that we have helped our business clients grow.

• Hi-tech & High-Touch solutions
• Social Media and Application Training
• Business Growth Ideas & pathways
• TCE LIVE Streaming Coaching
• TCE event visibility for increased reach

60- Min Virtual Coaching Options

Career Readiness | Employers Services

Career readiness/job hunting, corporate training, retreats, layoffs, plant closings, & other work reduction situations present difficult times for your employees. Demonstrate your commitment to your team by providing TCE Outplacement or Career Development Services. Contact us for a quote for your specific needs or contract or procurement details.

• TCE Workshops (Virtual & online)
• Coordinate job fairs & virtual hiring
• 21st Century employment preparation
• Career Re-engineering Programs
• Consultations on Outplacement Strategy

TCE Baseline Rates, Work Scopes Can Increase These Options

Let TCE Promote Your Small Business or Organization

No one connects with John and Jane America (or the world) better than "The Career Engineer!" Through our vast networks of “Hi-tech\High-Touch” REALationships, and access to diverse circles, we can connect the right talent or customer… with you.

Here's How TCE Can Promote YOU!

• TCE LIVE Biz Spotlight interviews
• TCE “Product Placement” opportunities
• TV/Radio/Media marketing opportunities
• TCE event visibility for increased local/global reach
• TCE visibility packages & opportunity

Get TCE Buzz & Push!

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