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The Career Engineer (TCE) helps you land the right job where you can INCREASE your impact and potential. It’s EASY to get started with TCE career services or products. Just choose one of our TCE packages on the right hand side that is right for you…or pick from our “Do it Yourself 24/7“ a la carte options.

TCE Do It Yourself Options:

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How to Make Your Resume Wow

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How to Network the Right Way

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TCE “Do It Yourself” TCE PushUp System

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TCE CAREER COACHING PACKAGES (100% Interview Rate | 98% “I got the Job”)

Our specialty is working with the “transitional career changer and providing strategic re-careering services, which gives you one-on-one attention for success. We offer 1:1 annual or long term upscale TCE Coaching Services for select clients, just send me an email to explore this option.

Resume Self Review Tool

$150 TCE Bronze Package: “Do It Yourself” Package”

This Package includes:

• 30 min TCE virtual session
• Our Book “A Mind to Work”
• How to Make a Resume Wow
• How to Network the Right Way
• How to Rock That Interview
• PushUp Your Career Slide Presentation

Perfect for the "DIY" job hunter who wants a TCE Boost!

TCE on the Tom Joyner Morning Show!

Have a unique job hunting or career changing situation and need something customized? Never fear the Career Engineer is here!  Just reach out to me and we can quote a service or customize a package that works for you.

$550 TCE GOLD: Mid to Senior Level Career Re-engineering Package

Perfect for mid-level professional 10+ years in the field, with strong work history, solid resume and ready to make a change. *Additional $100 fee for C-level and VP professionals.

This package includes:

• (2) 60 min TCE virtual career coaching
• 60 days of contact for support & QA
• TCE PushUp System Career Products
• TCE resume re-engineering
• LinkedIn Profile upgrade & coaching
• 1 year TCE Career & Business Network

Increase Your Chance of Success By 10X for Landing the Job!

$350 TCE SILVER: TCE Job Hunting KISS Package: (Makes What You Have Look…Better)

Perfect for 1 -5 years in the workforce, transitioning from one career to another or been out of the work force for a while

This package Includes:

• (1) 60 min. TCE virtual session
• Resume enhancement (no rewrite)
• LinkedIn Profile review & edit
• TCE book “A Mind to Work”
• TCE PushUp System Career Products
• Invite TCE “Don’t Get Anxious” Group
• TCE Nyaanza News with career tips & tricks

Our TCE Kiss Service ...Makes What You Have Look...BETTER

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